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Vocal Lessons Starting From:

Human vocal cord is like a wind instrument. Breathing is the key to sounding instrument. If the correct breathing techniques, experts say, then half of affairs are correct voice production as well.

There are three types of respiration: respiratory shoulders, chest breathing, and abdominal breathing. Classical vocal technique requires diaphragmatic breathing. Respiratory diaphragm is located between the chest cavity and abdominal cavity, absolute requirement singing is vocal cords and throat is flexible. Therefore, it needs to warm up and vocal exercises every time you train or before boarding stage. Training begins with a soft voice. Throat should not tense.

Vibra is actually happening when we are "sounding" voice. This caused a contraction in the vocal cords.
ring one note synthesizer from the keyboard, listen to his voice undulating, like that Vibrate and slowly try to follow. Until you can find your Vibrate sound natural. To practice:            

1. try to relax ..
2. Sing with the correct tone with a high tone (not too high)
3. feel the air flowing from the inside out / vocal cords
4. Feel the vibrations..
5. focus and try to get these vibrations in natural singing .. Remember.. do not like moving parts of our throat until moving to excess .. It will actually drain energy and create a sound not stable / not clear his tone
6. if you've felt the vibration .. May move the new section in the throat with the necessary.. Do not need excessive.. Dependent expression and needs a song.
7. Remember the good vibrations are vibrations which naturally formed with a steady vibration. So must be trained slowly.. Important.. Stable..
8. Do the exercises as often as possible, nice if you can every day.. Because the vocal cords to return often weak if not trained. Doing exercises with a piano or keyboard for precision tone
9. Sing a song which about you able to achieve the highest octave. Repeat the song 2 to 3 times. Should be done with ease, and take a breath to taste, and imagine / concentration of high notes is easy if you have achieved. Once able to sing high notes very well, then train your voice with others who track the high tones roughly equal to the previous song.
10. Sing a song that you are able to reach the lowest octave. Who follow the way of written exercises in number 3). if you find it difficult, try to sing one song after the low tone is able to sing well, then train your voice with others who track the low tones about the same as the previous song. 

During exercise tips:

- Avoid eating foods / beverages that contain milk, because these substances will coat your vocal cords and causes the vocal cords became strained. Was to drink hot tea to relax.

- Drink plenty of water
- Preferably drink honey..
- Do not forget to use respiratory Old.. Because this is one who makes you so good sound output..
- Do not ever force the ability octave! Repeat slowly, with breathing elbow
- After you've managed to achieve a desired octave perfectly, then the automatic octave will be easy to accomplish in your next opportunity
- Enjoy this exercise. if you train with you relax, then you generate a distinguished voice will sound more clear and relaxed

Do not hesitate to open his mouth. Do not be afraid of your ugly face and mouth visible to others. Position the mouth of a reasonable, not artificial. Lips should form a trumpet-style mouthpiece, but remain flexible.
Lower jaw should be opened in a flexible cap, especially when carrying high tones. It avoids the sound "squashed".
Tongue to be flexible, not rigid.


Five vowels vowel (a, i, u, e, o) must be trained continuously pronunciation. The mouth is opened wide for all vocal  clear.


1. Do not force yourself to sing high notes, high notes that have not mastered. Vocal cords can be worn.
2. Do not drink ice before and after practice or a very hot day. Don’t drink hot water recommended. The father of the choir also prohibits serious and choral singers avoid
3. Do not force yourself to sing when you're sick, cough, runny nose.
4. Avoid greasy foods, spicy, 3-4 hours before singing. It would be nice if professional singers do not drink coffee, alcohol, and smoking. Therefore, this greatly affects breathing.
5. Get used to drinking a glass of water upon awakening, and gymnastics in the morning while inhaling clean air as much as possible.
6. Rest enough. Not recommended late nights.
7. Do not sing on an empty stomach or too full. It affects the abdominal cavity, diaphragm, and the quality of breathing.
8. Singing with joy, not tense. Do not sing just with sound, but also your face. Expression or appreciation song is absolutely necessary.

Use the microphone
1. Keep your distance to the mouth. About 20 cm with an angle of 45 degrees. Try is always the same distance. When the high tone, keep the microphone for the volume not too loud.
2. Singing with sound medium. The function of microphone to amplify sound. So, you do not need all-out making a sound. Sounds too hard to turn into broken and sharp.
3. Do not take a deep breath into the microphone. Because the sounds of your breath will be recorded on a very sensitive microphone.
4. Record and listen your own voice as evaluation materials. 





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